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we build low cost, custom activity management systems.

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We will build it.  That's that we do.  

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Industry leading customer service.  

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Activity providers with 20k or more registrations per year, who want technology to help reduce costs and increase enrollment without changing the way they do business.


partnering to achieve Business goals.

Reduced Costs. Increased Search Traffic 30%.  

Skyhawks Sports Academy had 50,000+ annual registrations with owned and franchisee locations, over 300 third party venue partners and 1,000+ staff.   They had complex business structures and processes that had evolved over 37 years.  We built a management system that kept business processes in tact and reduced costs, while increasing registrations. 

Consolidated Franchisee Operations on a Single Platform.

SuperTots Sports Academy (formerly SoccerTots) had a network of franchisees with varied operating models and practices.  Program quality and consistency was difficult to manage and revenues were difficult to track.  Franchisees were spending time managing technology rather than focusing on building their businesses.  AT Connect consolidated all franchisee operations on a single platform creating a solid foundation for future growth.

Increased Enrollment 10%. Reduced Receivables by 75%.

Just For Kix offers dance classes, camps and performance events for 20,000+ dancers each year.  They operated their business with a home grown system that was disjointed and not able to handle their volume of business.  We relaunched their website with a responsive design, simplified the checkout process, enabled automatic recurring payments and maintained their unique business processes.  The result was increased enrollment and improved collections.

How much does it cost?

Low to zero upfront costs.  Per registration fee based on total registration volume.